Monday, February 10, 2020

Public Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Public Relations - Essay Example The essay "Public Relations" deals with how a product’s perception can influence its sale and growth. Regardless of the quality, product perception (Alan Louis Hospital and the Pedophile book) can determine whether the product is deemed valuable or invaluable by the general public. Therefore, there is need to brand a product successfully in order to attract new customers and ensure the loyalty of existing customers. According to Barnett, the Alan Louis Hospital case study provides an ideal opportunity for comprehensive analysis. The hospital, though not well known, has a variety of strengths, which include its high ranking position in patient care when compared to the other more established hospitals in the region, its better customer care service due to its lesser size, allowing for better patient care and treatment, highly qualified personnel, up to date medical facilities and equipment, good patient relations and good brand image. However, the hospital is plagued by a few weaknesses, such as its poor market penetration and brand recognition. Despite its quality services and positive patient reviews, the hospital is not well known, which has led to lower patient entry levels. The hospital’s major competition is the other mainstream hospitals in the region, which has better brand recognition. It is quite easy to remedy these situations if the hospital can be able to utilize its opportuni ties, which include social media, advertisements, regional health care expos, billboards and broadcast media.

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